Africa, India & Pacific

Africa – the 2nd largest continent in the world as well as the 2nd most populated. Fifty-four very diverse countries call this continent home.  From sweeping deserts to lush jungles, Africa is a unique part of the world full of culture and excitement.  Come with us and take a safari to see wildlife you have watched on television for years.  Come face to face with ethnic tribes who will show you how they live.  See ancient ruins that date back thousands of years.  Africa holds something special for everyone!


South Africa Safari Package Special – March 6-14, 2017

Incredible India – March 3-12, 2017

Safaris In South Africa Tour – August 15-23, 2017

Cruising Australia, New Zealand & Fiji – October 27-November 13, 2017

Cruising Australia and New Zealand – November 23-December 9, 2017