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November & December 2017 Europe to Brazil Cruise

From Barcelona to Brazil and Everything In Between! – November 17-December 5, 2017 – SOLD OUT

Are you ready to join Columbus, Cabral and other great explorers as we sail on a transatlantic adventure?  Come with us in November and December as we sail from Europe to Brazil and stop at exotic ports along on the way.  You will cruise in luxury with Brazilian tourists and enjoy cultural and historic highlights of Spain and Brazil with English-speaking tour guides!  You will see Spain, Morocco, the Canary Islands, and some of Brazil’s most exciting port cities, culminating at the feet of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro – WOW!  Join your Portuguese and Spanish-speaking host as we go on a voyage to be remembered for years to come!


November 17 – Fly from New York or Boston to Barcelona, Spain!

November 18 – Arrive in Barcelona and transfer to your hotel to overnight.

November 19Barcelona, Spain – The day is free for you to relax, explore, attend church services and enjoy free time. (Breakfast)

November 20 – Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona is located in the northeastern part of the country, 90 miles south of the French border. People from all around the world enjoy visiting this city for its individuality, cultural interest and physical beauty. When Hans Christian Andersen visited in 1862, he remarked that Barcelona was the “Paris of Spain.” You’re likely to agree. An included city tour is planned today before transferring to your cruise ship where you will start your grand ocean adventure. (Breakfast, Cruise Meals)

November 21 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)

November 22 – Casablanca, Morocco – The image of Casablanca immortalized by Humphrey Bogart in the 1942 classic Hollywood film is of a city shrouded in intrigue, with a spy around every corner. In fact, Casablanca is a bustling, sophisticated modern city with one of the largest and busiest ports in Africa. Portuguese, Arab, Spanish and French influences give the city a particular, and unique, charm. (Cruise Meals)

November 23 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)

November 24 – Tenerife, Canary Islands – The largest of the Canary Archipelago, the island of Tenerife consists of many different regions – each with its own characteristics. There are mountains, lush valleys, a gigantic crater (which is now a national park) and, of course, fabulous beaches. If the beautiful landscapes don’t bring a smile to your face, the weather certainly will. (Cruise Meals)

November 25 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)
November 26 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)
November 27 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)
November 28 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)
November 29 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)

November 30 – Recife, Brazil – Recife is an enchanting port city named for the coral reefs that align its coasts. Recife is brimming with vibrant culture and gorgeous beaches and is a major draw for tourists from all over during Carnaval, one of the biggest parties in the world. In Recife, the waters are crystal clear, excitement is everywhere, and you will find yet another great stop on your vacation. (Cruise Meals)

December 1 – Maceio, Brazil – Approximately 250km south of Recife, the sophisticated coastal resort of Maceio is the capital of the densely populated north-eastern Brazilian region of Alagoas, with a long history of maritime commerce. It boasts some of the country’s most delightful beaches – particularly on the northern side – which slope into the crystal clear emerald green water of the Atlantic and are protected by a coral reef. The recently restored ancient quarter of Maceio remains the heart of the city. (Cruise Meals)

December 2 – Salvador Bahia – Northeastern Brazil, where Salvador de Bahia lies, developed as an important center for sugarcane production. You can see the enormous wealth that came from the crop reflected in the grand mansions and gold-lined churches in Pelourinho. You can also see reflected in the population, the legacy of the slaves that worked many of the plantations. Today nearly 80% are of African descent. This heritage has influenced the food, art, religion and music of the area. In the last 15 years, a new form of music called axé has evolved, blending complex African drumming rhythms with reggae melodies to create a uniquely Salvadoran sound. (Cruise Meals)

December 3 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea. (Cruise Meals)

December 4 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Rio is famous for its wild beaches and outrageous Carnival celebrations. But this energetic city offers so much more. It lies between the sea and several fertile green mountains, including Pão d’Açucar (Sugarloaf) Mountain, and Corcovado, home to the famous art-deco statue of Christ the Redeemer. A city tour is included today before you transfer to the airport for your night flight back to the USA. (Cruise Breakfast)

December 5 – Welcome home!



Costa Fascinosa Ship

This is definitely the most glamorous ship in the fleet. Travelling on Costa Fascinosa you’ll be surrounded by cinema legends from Luchino Visconti to David Lynch and their most famous creations. Refined and intriguing environments, charming and fascinating atmospheres for a cruise surrounded by the greatest stars of the best movies of all time.


Alf GunnYour Host: Alf Gunn

Alf Gunn is an expert on travel to Brazil with incredible first-hand knowledge of the customs, culture, and Brazilian lifestyle.  Fluency in Portuguese and Spanish afforded him a 30-year FBI career followed by security consulting in Latin America.  Now a veteran of eight specialty tours to Brazil, Alf maintains email newsletter correspondence with over 2,000 Americans who have lived in Brazil.  He admits he loves to meet people and his trips go beyond sightseeing to provide unique people-to–people experiences on international cruises and in-country tours.  He and Marcia call the Pacific Northwest their home, where most of their 12 grand kids live and where he bicycles and sea kayaks year-round.



Inside Cabin & Airfare to Europe from Boston or JFK and back to Salt Lake & most US Cities from Brazil – Double Occupancy – $2699 per person (includes cruise, airfare and taxes)

Outside/Ocean View Cabin Upgrade – additional $300 per person

Balcony Cabin Upgrade – additional $600 per person

Barcelona Touring, Hotel and Cruise & Airport Transfers – Included

Rio De Janeiro Touring, Cruise & Airport Transfers – Included

Cruise shore excursions – Prices coming soon

Brazil Visa If Needed – We have a Brazil visa agency you can work with

Credit Card Fee – 3.5% (only applies to final payment – pay by check to avoid it)

Deposit Required for Reservation – $1600 per person 


*Trip cancellation and emergency protection available
*Passports are required
*Full payment due 90 days before departure.
*Cancellation charges: non-refundable after deposit and final payment is made
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