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May 2017 Civil War & Washington DC Tour

Civil War & Washington DC Tour with Alan McKay – May 8-16, 2017 – SOLD OUT

Join host and historian Alan McKay as he takes a special tour through the sites and battlefields of the Civil War.  As we look back 150 years to the Civil War, this tour takes on new meaning. Join us next May traveling back in time throughout some very important events of our American history!



May 8 – RICHMOND, VA – Today we depart for Richmond VA where we will begin our experience of remembering the Civil War. Upon arrival, we will be transported to our hotel to overnight.

May 9 – RICHMOND – FREDERICKSBURG – Today our tour begins at the Virginia State Capital, which served as the capital of the Confederacy during the war. Here in the Old Senate Chamber is where Robert E. Lee will accept the command of the Army of Virginia. Next we will visit the Museum of the Confederacy, which houses the largest collection of Confederate relics in one place. This stop will also include a tour of the White House of the Confederacy, which was the residence of the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. In the afternoon we will visit Hollywood Cemetery (no connection with California), burial site for Confederate commanders J.E.B. Stuart, George Pickett, Henry Heth, and many others. The most notable buried here are Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederacy) and two Presidents of the United States, James Monroe and John Tyler. We will leave Richmond and march northward to Fredericksburg.  After dinner we will walk the sacred grounds of the battlefield of Fredericksburg where many Union soldiers lost their lives trying to protect Prospect Hill. Overnight in Fredericksburg. (Breakfast)

May 10 –  BULL RUN – MANASSAS – HARPERS FERRY – This morning we will remember where the Civil War began in July 1861 the Battle of Bull Run. Here Union General Irvin McDowell faced Confederate General Gustave Beauregard, starting the great Civil War. We will review the events of 2nd Manassas as well. This afternoon we will arrive at one of the most beautiful and well preserved antebellum towns, Harper’s Ferry, situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the northern tip of the Shenandoah Valley. Here we will visit the old Armory where abolitionist John Brown and his raiders started their rebellion against slavery in 1859. We will end our day with a walking tour of the Harper’s ferry National Historic Park where we will be reminded of the great importance of this site during the Civil War. Overnight in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. (Breakfast)

May 11 –  ANTIETAM – GETTYSBURG – Following breakfast we will visit the Antietam National Battlefield where the Union and Confederate armies fought the bloodiest one day battle in North American History. Here we will visit the famous Cornfield, Bloody Lane, and Burnsides Bridge. A visit to Antietam National Cemetery will remind us of the high cost of war. It was here that President Lincoln issued his great Emancipation Proclamation abolishing slavery throughout the states. Next we will travel to Gettysburg and have a wonderful visit to the Visitor Center for an extensive overview of the battle of July 1-3, 1863. Overnight in Gettsyburg. (Breakfast)

May 12 –  GETTYSBURG BATTLEFIELD – Today we will visit the battlefield of Gettysburg which is universally recognized as the great and decisive battle of the war. Here we will visit Culp’s Ridge, Cemetery Ridge, Seminary Ridge, Little and Big Round tops, the Wheatfield, Peach Orchard, and Devil’s Den. In 3 days of battle there will be 46,286 casualties. Overnight in Gettsyburg. (Breakfast)

May 13 – WASHINGTON DC – Today we will travel to our nation’s capital, Washington DC. We will end our Civil War journey by visiting Fords Theater and remember the tragedy of April 14 when President Lincoln was shot. Across the street we will have a somber visit to the Petersen House where on April 15 Pres. Lincoln will pass away. Next we will have a wonderful tour of Arlington Cemetery where we will witness the Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington House (Robert E. Lee’s Home), and burial site of JFK and view the thousands of grave markers that remember those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and liberty. Overnight in Alexandria, Virginia, for the next 3 nights. (Breakfast)

May 14– WASHINGTON DC – Today’s adventure begins with a visit to our nation’s Capital Building. We will see the White House, home of so much history. Stops at the World War II Memorial and Iwo Jima Memorial will remind us of “the greatest generation” that sacrificed so much. Nearby is the Korean War & Vietnam Memorials. After lunch we will visit the Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. What a MEMORABLE day. After dinner free time or an optional visit to the LDS Washington DC temple. (Breakfast)

May 15 –  WASHINGTON DC – Today you will be able to enjoy the Smithsonian Museum of your choice. The Air and Space, American History, Natural History, or the National Gallery are a few of your choices. Nearby you can visit the Holocaust Memorial or visit the National Archives with its collection of sacred documents. What a wonderful day to remember our nation’s history and be reminded of how great it is to be an AMERICAN. (Breakfast)

May 16 – WASHINGTON DC/BALTIMORE – This morning we will travel to Baltimore and visit Ft. McHenry and relive the birth of our National Anthem during the war of 1812. Transfer then to your flight home remembering the many sacrifices that have made us a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (Breakfast)


Your Host: Alan McKay

Alan started guiding tours when he was a senior in high school. Since that time, he has traveled with hundreds of groups all over the world, including tours to England, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, China, and Thailand. His degree in history from Utah State University adds richness to the tours that he leads. He and his wife, Ida Mae, live in Huntsville, Utah and are the proud parents of four sons. Alan’s love in life is to see the world with incredible people and to share his knowledge of travel with all of his groups. Come and become one of his “travel groupies” today.


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